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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Thermal Energy

1.1. The total potential and kinetic energy related to the motion of all the microscopic particles in an object.

1.2. Potential and kinetic energy are similar to the motion of an object.

1.3. Molten metal

1.4. Burning wood

2. Chemical Energy

2.1. Energy stored in chemical bonds.

2.2. Sources of energy

2.3. Campfire- Wood burning

2.4. Cars- Gas burns the engine

3. Potential Energy

3.1. Energy that store as a result of position or shape

3.2. Strength based on shape and position

3.3. Picking a book up and plucking a string on a cello

4. Nuclear Energy

4.1. Energy stored in atomic nuclei.

4.2. Strong and weak forces.

4.3. Galaxy/Outer space

4.4. Helium

5. Electromagnetic

5.1. A form of energy that travels through space in form of waves

5.2. Energy traveling throughout space

5.3. X-rays and glowing galaxy

6. Kinetic Energy

6.1. Energy with motion.

6.2. Moving object used by mass and speed.

6.3. Moving car

6.4. Running person

7. Electrical Energy

7.1. Energy associated with electric

7.2. Electric charges by force.

7.3. Lightening

7.4. Flashlights

8. Mechanical Energy

8.1. Sum of objects potential energy and kinetic energy

8.2. Object using energy of movement and strength

8.3. Speed trains, bouncing balls, and running athletes