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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Kinetic Energy

1.1. Kinetic Energy of any moving object depends upon its mass and speed .

1.2. Anything moving depends on its mass and speed.

1.3. EX: Walking, and pushing

2. Chemical Energy

2.1. Chemical energy is the energy stored in chemical bonds.

2.2. Bonds are broken, the energy released.

2.3. EX: Coal, gasoline, and wood

3. Electromagnetic

3.1. Electrical energy is a form of energy that travels through space in the form of waves.

3.2. Energy in form of waves.

3.3. EX: Radio waves, microwaves

4. Electrical Energy

4.1. Electrical energy is the energy associated with electrical charges.

4.2. Energy associated with electric charges.

4.3. EX: Batteries, and lightening

5. Thermal Energy

5.1. The total potential and kinetic energy related to the motion of all the microscopic particles in an object make up it's thermal energy.

5.2. Something moves together making it warm up.

5.3. EX: Rubbing your hands together, and lava

6. Mechanical Energy

6.1. Sum of an objects potential energy and kinetic energy.

6.2. Energy associated with motion and position of everyday objects is mechanical energy.

6.3. EX: Bouncing balls, and speeding trains

7. Potential Energy

7.1. Energy that is stored in a position or shape.

7.2. Energy stored in a position or shape.

7.3. EX: Cello, and guitar

8. Nuclear Energy

8.1. The energy stored in atomic nuclear.

8.2. Energy inside a atom.

8.3. EX: Body atoms, and light