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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Kinetic

1.1. The energy of motion.

1.2. Describes a moving object.

1.3. Moving Car, Falling rain

2. Potential

2.1. Energy that is stored due to position or shape.

2.2. Stored energy

2.3. Guitar string or lifting a book

3. Mechanical

3.1. The energy involved with the motion and position of everyday objects.

3.2. The sum of kinetic and potential.

3.3. Speeding trains or a bouncing ball

4. Thermal

4.1. Total potential and kinetic energy related to the motion of all the particles in an object.

4.2. When its atoms move faster it gets warmer.

4.3. Lava or fire

4.4. When its atoms move faster it gets warmer.

5. Chemical

5.1. The energy in chemical bonds.

5.2. Breaking an object with energy allows the energy to work.

5.3. Light or cool

6. Electrical

6.1. The energy associated with electric charges.

6.2. Objects that let out forces to do work.

6.3. Battery or a flashlight

7. Electromagnectic

7.1. A form of energy that travels through space.

7.2. Energy you can see

7.3. Visible light or x-rays

8. Nuclear

8.1. The energy stored in atomic nuclei.

8.2. Energy from split apart nuclei.

8.3. Heat from the sun or light from the sun.