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Reading 5-1: Building Effective R&D Capabilities Abroad by Mind Map: Reading 5-1: Building Effective
R&D Capabilities Abroad
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Reading 5-1: Building Effective R&D Capabilities Abroad

Global Approach to R&D

Sources of potentially important knowledge emerge around the globe, need R&D facilities close by to capture it

Requires involvement of top managers

Global Approach only works when R&D strategy is linked to company's overall business strategy

Creating a Technology Steering Committee

Categorizing new R&D sites, Home-base augmenting Site, Home-base exploiting Site

Choosing a Location, Home-base augmenting Site: regional clusters of scientific excellence, Home-base exploiting Site: near large markets and manufacturing facilities

Establishing a new R&D Facility, Select the best Site Leader, Home-base augmenting Site: Prominent Local Scientist, Home-base exploiting Site: Highly Regarded Managers from within the Company, For both:, Respected and Skilled, Able to integrate new site into company's existing R&D network, Comprehensive understanding of technology trends, Able to overcome formal barriers while seeking access to new ideas, Determining the Optimal Size of the new R&D Site, Too Small, Too Big, Supervising the Start-Up Period, Integrate Site's research agenda into company's overall strategic goals, Rapid Exchange of Information to help integration, Flexibility and Experimentation can ensure future productivity

Integrating the Global R&D Network, Develop overall research agenda and assign different parts to individual sites, Create direct links among researchers from different sites, Monitor emerging knowledge sites and current R&D sites to decide whether new locations need to be added

Relevant because

Increasing Competition

New sources of knowledge

Central Approach to R&D

Major decisions are made at headquarters, so R&D should be close by