Reading 5-1: Building Effective R&D Capabilities Abroad

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Reading 5-1: Building Effective R&D Capabilities Abroad by Mind Map: Reading 5-1: Building Effective R&D Capabilities Abroad

1. Global Approach to R&D

1.1. Requires involvement of top managers

1.1.1. Creating a Technology Steering Committee

1.1.2. Categorizing new R&D sites Home-base augmenting Site Home-base exploiting Site

1.1.3. Choosing a Location Home-base augmenting Site: regional clusters of scientific excellence Home-base exploiting Site: near large markets and manufacturing facilities

1.1.4. Establishing a new R&D Facility Select the best Site Leader Home-base augmenting Site: Prominent Local Scientist Home-base exploiting Site: Highly Regarded Managers from within the Company For both: Determining the Optimal Size of the new R&D Site Too Small Too Big Supervising the Start-Up Period Integrate Site's research agenda into company's overall strategic goals Rapid Exchange of Information to help integration Flexibility and Experimentation can ensure future productivity

1.1.5. Integrating the Global R&D Network Develop overall research agenda and assign different parts to individual sites Create direct links among researchers from different sites Monitor emerging knowledge sites and current R&D sites to decide whether new locations need to be added

1.2. Relevant because

1.2.1. Increasing Competition

1.2.2. New sources of knowledge

2. Central Approach to R&D