Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

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Alex Rider: Stormbreaker by Mind Map: Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

1. Event two

1.1. As Alex and Jack walk home, they spot a white van outside the front door of their house and men carrying Alex's uncle's property and putting it all in the van. Before Alex and Jack can catch up, the van drives away. Alex pursues the van in his bicycle. The van enters a car junkyard and Alex follows. In the junk yard, he found his uncle's car but the weird thing is that it didn't appear his uncle was in a car crash like Mr. Blunt said. Instead, he found bullet holes in the side of the car. As he was examining his uncle's car, he was spotted by one of the workers there and they take out their guns. Alex saw what was about to happen and ran away on his bicycle.

2. Event one

2.1. His uncle dies in a mysterious car accident while on his way back home.Alex and his housekeeper Jack goes to his uncle's funeral. There, Alex meets his uncle's superiors, Mr. Alan Blunt and Mrs. jones, Blunt's secretary. Mr. Blunt explained to Alex that his uncle died in a car crash

3. Event three

3.1. After the two weeks training, Alex received a briefing about his mission. Recently, a multibillionaire by the name of Darius Sayle is planning on giving every school in Britain its very own Stormbreaker. The stormbreakers are a line of revolutionary computers that operate more effectively an economically than normal computers. Apparently, Darius Sayle has a manufacturing plant in Cornwall. Alex's Uncle was sent there to look for anything suspicious and found something but died before he could report back to his superiors. Alex was sent to the same place because he was the last person that could complete the mission. Apparently, he was killed by a professional assassin named Yassen Gregorovich on a deserted country road.

4. Event four

4.1. Alex and Jack go to King's Cross Station the next day after Alex told Jack that he heard the driver of the van say that he needs to take his uncle's stuff to King's Cross Station. At the station, Alex spots someone across the station that was at the funeral with him so Alex follows him. He follows the man into a photo booth which, in fact, was not a photo booth, but a concealed mode of transport to MI6, Britains intelligence agency. It was also discovered that Alex's uncle did not work for the royal and General bank, he worked for MI6 and his "meetings" were where he was sent on missions for the agency, until he died. He was then forcibly recruited into MI6 because there was no one else that can do the mission that Alex will be getting after his two weeks training in the SAS.

5. Event five

5.1. Alex, after a few days found what he was looking for. In the room with the assembly line, people in biochemical suits were injecting this green liquid into the computers. Unfortunately, he was discovered by the guards and was forced to make a run for it nut was soon captured. After being interrogated and being put in a glass tank, he escaped and manages to board the helicopter that Mr. Grin is leaving on. He then foces Mr. Grin to fly him to London

6. Event six

6.1. Once in London, Mr. Grin flies Alex to the Science and technology museum. Alex the parachutes down through the window in a desparate attempt to stop Darius Sayle from activating the Stormbreaker computers. Once Darius's plan was thwarted, he went to Sayle tower to activate the computers from there. In the tower, there is a backup transmitter that will also activate all the computers.

7. Event seven

7.1. Alex remembers the back up transmitter at the last ,minute when he sees Sayle Tower because he saw a model of the tower in Darius's manufacturing plant. In an act of desperation, he incapacitated the male guard(one kick is all it takes) and pulls one of the wires connecting the controls to the transmitter therefore stopping the transmitter being activated. Sayle realises this when he cannot activate the transmitter and finds Alex standing on the balcony( without sides to stop people falling off of it). He tells Alex to put the wire back where it belongs but Alex didn't so Darius pulls out a pistol and tries to shoot Alex but that was the exact moment Alex slipped from the balcony and starts to fall. he just manages to grab onto the wire and stop himself falling to his death. Darius Sayle walks over to the edge of the balcony and aims at Alex again but before he could shoot, he hears the sound of helicopter blades. Yassen Gregorovich is in the helicopter and shoots Darius in the back for some mysterious reason. Yassen then proceeds to stop Alex dropping from the tower and flies him to safety.