Microfinance - research on the internet

This MM contains information on various resources related to microfinance available on the internet. Links to laws in full text, institutions and websites of regional and local networks , practitioners, reference publications provide an introduction on this topic

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Microfinance - research on the internet by Mind Map: Microfinance - research on the internet

1. Laws and regulations

1.1. domestic and international legislation

1.1.1. Microfinance Project at IDLO

1.1.2. Microfinance regulation database - CGAP

1.1.3. Lexadin

1.1.4. Legal Framework Commercial Code Civil Code Legal status of MFIs Co-operative law Charitable Organization law Company Law Local Foundation law Non Governmental Organizations law Big dilemma prudential and non prudential legislation Prudential legislation Business Law

1.2. Argentina

1.2.1. Ley de Entidades Financieras

1.2.2. Ley de pequenas y medianas empresas

1.3. Colombia

1.3.1. Legislation

1.4. Bangladesh

1.4.1. Legislation

1.5. Cameroon

1.5.1. Règlement N° 01/02/CEMAC/UMAC/COBAC

1.6. India

1.6.1. Banking regulation Act 1949

1.6.2. Regional Rural banks Act 1976

1.6.3. Reserve Bank of India Act 1934

1.6.4. Andhra Pradesh - Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies Act 1995

1.7. Jordan

1.7.1. Companies Law with amendments

1.7.2. Law on Societies

1.8. Kenya

1.8.1. Microfinance Act 2006

1.8.2. SACCO Societies Act, 2008

1.9. Sri Lanka

1.9.1. Legislation

1.10. Uganda

1.10.1. Microfinance Deposit Taking Institutions Act - 2003

1.10.2. Microfinance Deposit Taking Institutions Regulations - 2004

1.10.3. Financial Legislation

1.11. Mauritania

1.11.1. Reglementation

1.11.2. Ordonnance portant réglementation des établissements de micro finance - 2007

1.12. Venezuela

1.12.1. Ley de Creación, Estimulo y Promoción y Desarrollo del Sistema Microfinanciero

1.12.2. ley general de bancos y otras institutiones financieras

2. Institutiona Framework

2.1. Colombia

2.1.1. Ministerio de comercio, industria y turismo Bancoldex Superintendencia turismo y industria

2.1.2. Fondo Nacional de Garantias

2.1.3. Ministerio de Hacienda y Crédito Público

2.1.4. Financiera de dessarrollo territorial

2.1.5. Superintendencia de sociedas

2.1.6. Instituto Colombiano de Crédito y Estudios Técnicos en el Exterior

2.1.7. Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural

2.1.8. Asociación Colombiana de Medianas y Pequeñas Industrias

2.2. Argentina

2.2.1. Ministerio Desarrollo Social Fondo de capital social

2.2.2. Banco Central de la Republica Argentina

2.3. Bangladesh

2.3.1. Microcredit Regulatory Authority

2.3.2. Bangladesh Bank

2.4. Cameroon

2.4.1. COBAC

2.5. India

2.5.1. Reserve Bank of India

2.6. Jordan

2.6.1. Central Bank of Jordan

2.6.2. Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation

2.6.3. Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank Development and Employment Fund

2.7. Kenya

2.7.1. Central Bank of Kenya

2.8. Mauritania

2.8.1. Banque Centrale

2.9. Sri Lanka

2.9.1. Central Bank

2.9.2. National Secretariat for NGOs

2.10. Venezuela

2.10.1. Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Ciencia, Tecnología e Industrias Intermedias Instituto Nacional de la Pequeña y Mediana Industria

2.10.2. Ministerio del Poder Popular para Economía y Finanzas Superintendencia de Bancos SUDEBAN Fondo de Garantía de Depósitos y Protección Bancaria

2.10.3. Banco Central de Venezuela

2.11. Uganda

2.11.1. Central Bank

2.12. sample

2.12.1. Central Banks Central Credit Registry Deposit Guarantee Fund

2.12.2. Microfinance Authority

2.12.3. National Authority for consumer protection

2.12.4. Ministries

3. Basic terminology

3.1. Glossaries

3.2. Thesauri

3.2.1. Eurovoc

3.3. Translations

4. Practical tools

4.1. Software

4.1.1. Mifos

4.1.2. Software Listings Overview

4.2. Search engines

4.2.1. Surf Canyon

4.3. Web applications

4.3.1. interest rates calculator

4.4. Google language tools

5. Relevant Issues

5.1. Financial Inclusion

5.1.1. Financial access Initiative

5.1.2. Redicivism Stop reoffending women convicted

5.2. Consumer protection

5.2.1. financial literacy Code of conducts for MFIs Directory information United states National endowment for FE

5.2.2. ADR Jordan The Mediation Law for Civil Disputes Resolution India Arbitration and conciliation Act - 1996 Sri Lanka Arbitration Act - 1995 Mediation (Special categories of disputes) - 2003 Venezuela Arbitration Act (unofficial translation) Online ADR Microjustice integrative negotiations

5.3. Mobile Banking

6. Stakeholders

6.1. International

6.1.1. Donors Gates foundation Ford Foundation Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance - AKAM

6.1.2. Development Banks Inter-American Development Bank Islamic Development Bank African Development Bank Group

6.2. Local

6.2.1. Foundacion Andares - Argentina

6.3. Bilateral agencies

6.3.1. Italy

6.3.2. United States

6.3.3. France

6.3.4. Switzerland

6.3.5. Australia

6.3.6. Norway

6.3.7. Canada

6.3.8. Germany

6.3.9. Sweden

6.3.10. Belgium

6.3.11. Ireland

6.3.12. United Kingdom

6.3.13. Japan

7. United Nations

7.1. UNCDF

7.1.1. Financial Inclusion

7.2. World Bank

7.2.1. Doing Business

8. Information

8.1. Literature

8.1.1. Peer reviewed journals Bibliography created by the Foster Business Library at Washington University

8.1.2. Books Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty. By Muhammed Yunus Microfinance Handbook: An Institutional and Financial Perspective. By Joanna Ledgerwood The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time. By Jeffrey Sachs The Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits. By C.K. Prahalad Whats Wrong with Microfinance? by Thomas Dichter, Malcolm Harper

8.1.3. Reports Microfinance Consensus Guidelines: Good Practice Guidelines for Funders of Microfinance Global microscope on the microfinance business environment

8.1.4. Conference papers All academic research

8.1.5. Articles Profile of Microfinance industry in India from Sa Dhan

8.2. Community

8.2.1. Research Institutes Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion - South Africa The Institute for Financial Management and Research-India

8.2.2. Networks Réseau européen de la microfinance Alliance for financial Inclusion African Microfinance Network Banking with the Poor Network Asia Resource Centre for Microfinance RADIM - Red Argentina de instituciones de microcredito Networks and networking in Microfinance

8.2.3. Associations MFIs Anemcam - Cameroon Bankers Venezuela

8.2.4. Fora World Microfinance Forum - Geneva IDLO Microfinance Forum

8.2.5. Web 2.0 Twitter Twitters on Microfinance selected from Social Earth

8.2.6. Blog Microfinance Journal

8.3. Events

8.3.1. Training worksphops

8.3.2. Conferences First global policy forum Microcredit Summit

8.3.3. Seminars

8.4. Databases of MFIs

8.4.1. European Microfinance Platform

8.4.2. Mix Market