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Clare DeTamble by Mind Map: Clare DeTamble

1. Clare weak without Henry

1.1. ultimate love or desperation not to be alone

1.2. is with him just because he told her they would

1.3. but has feelings of desire for him

1.4. always with him

1.5. exept when time travelling

1.6. will do what ever

1.7. but not complete without child

1.8. the exhausting fight to have alba

1.9. but she also timetravels

1.10. clare is always left alone

1.11. when henry dies, alba can always see him but claire can't

1.12. waits for him for the rest of her life

1.13. her mission of life

1.14. art is left behind after his death

1.14.1. draws henry as she remember

1.15. but supports henry, when legs are cut off cause of travelling..

1.16. it isn't wrong to try to find someone who will stay

1.16.1. love isn't stupid chose the wrong one?

1.17. wants to time travel herself

1.17.1. not because of it, but so that she can be with him

1.18. after henrys death doesn't wanna see alba, because reminds of henry

1.19. gomez

1.19.1. he always had a thing for her were together before and after henry but after henry clare stopped, because of henry

1.20. clings to henry

1.20.1. he's like a life jacket

1.21. hollow after death

2. effects of Henrys and Albas time tavelling

2.1. scared for them

2.2. lonely when they are not present

3. Clares life without Henry: what if he hadn't showed up?

3.1. could clare be happy??

3.2. would she find love?

3.3. she wouldn't have to always wait

3.4. gomez a good choice??