#2: Mexico

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#2: Mexico by Mind Map: #2: Mexico

1. 1836 Republic of Texas: Mexico loses Texas to America.

2. 1994 NAFTA: The U.S, Mexico, and Canada sign a trade agreement between the three countries. NAFTA = North American Free Trade Agreement

3. 1882-1910 Railroads: About 60 percent of the U.S labor force is Mexican

4. 2000s Illegal Immigration: In the wake of the 9/11 attack in 2001, illegal immigration from Mexico became a major problem, so border security was tightened.

5. 2006 Drug Wars: President Pelipe Calderon launches a war against Mexico's drug cartels. Over six years 60,000 Mexicans are killed.

6. 1821 Independence: Mexico won its independence form Spain

7. 1910 Mexican Revolution: 10 years of fighting that ended with a newly formed government.

8. 1500 BC Olmec: The Olmec people were living in Mexico.

9. 2013: Mexico's economy is thriving and the middle class is growing. But poverty and drug violence remain serious problems. In the USA there's a new push to pass immigration reform.

10. 1519 to 1521: Herman Cortez and his Spanish conquistadors overthrew The Aztec Empire and killed its last Emperor, Cuahtemoc.

11. 1763:new France lost the war to Great Britain.

12. 1803: Napoleon took Louisianan from back from New Spain, but then sold it to the USA.