#4 Mexico

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#4 Mexico by Mind Map: #4 Mexico

1. 1836- Mexico looses the province of Texas, and it becomes independent.

2. 1846-48- US wins Mexican/American War, and the US wins

2.1. They win California, Arizona, and New Mexico as well as parts of Colorado and Nevada.

3. 1821- Mexico is independent from Britain

4. 1882-1910 because of labor shortage in US, they hire Mexican workers to build a Rail road

5. 1942- Because of labor shortages, Mexicans are legally aloud to work in the

6. 1970- oil business boom

7. 1200- Arrival of the Aztecs

8. 1519-21 Conquered by Cortes

9. 1858-61- Mexican civil war

10. 1862-67 War with Britain, France, and Spain, because of FOREIGN dept

11. 1876- Ruled by the Dictator Poifirio

12. The first human experiments with plant cultivation begin in the New World during the early post-Pleistocene period. 8000 B.C

13. At 509 B.C overthrow the Roman monarchy and the beginning of the Republic period.

14. 508 B.C war between Rome and Clusium

15. 1811 an army of peasants and workers fought a smaller but better equipped and trained Spanish force at Calderon Bridge. They won.

16. 1916 Pancho Villa attacks Columbus New Mexico and lost

17. 1915 the battle of Celaya

18. 502 B.C.rebels against Persian Domination sparking the Ionian Revolt

19. 1919 Zapata assassinated