Laughter Out of Place By: Donna M. Goldstein - Chapter Six and Chapter Seven

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Laughter Out of Place By: Donna M. Goldstein - Chapter Six and Chapter Seven by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place By: Donna M. Goldstein - Chapter Six and Chapter Seven

1. Chapter Six

1.1. From Boys to Men: Normative Masculinization & Heterosexuality

1.1.1. Boys expected to be "Active Seducers" of Women in Brazil Sexuality in Context Sexuality is a Key Metaphor used in everyday language. Sexual Teasing and Bullying are seen as normal, allowable and considered almost friendly.

1.1.2. Bitch = Bicha are someone who is sexually inexperience for shy Bullying

1.1.3. It is considered unhealthy for men to go too long without sex: it can provoke insanity

1.2. The Civilization Desires

1.2.1. Public Flirtation in Women = A Game Ignorance = Punishment Women enjoy the attention they recieve

1.2.2. Sexual Aspects of Life Sex Driven Tropical Paradise = Brazil

1.3. Food Consumption

1.3.1. Comer = To Eat - To Consume another person Status Quo

1.3.2. Dar = To Give - Person who gives is the sexually passive person

1.3.3. Galinhas - Women who have had too many sexual partners

1.3.4. Eater - Man Symbol as Provider

2. Chapter Seven

2.1. Evening of Terror

2.1.1. Rape of a child is cause for murder in Shantytowns

2.1.2. Downplay trauma with Humor Two assailants broke into their home; raped both Claudia and Anita and robbed Gloria's boyfriend Traumatizing Events Gloria broke up with Ignacio, but would mock his mannerisms and how he looked

2.1.3. Battling Mothers and Daughters Gloria and Anita would argue and disagree about what happened on Night of Terror Anita = she was more afraid of her own mother than she was of the two assailants who assaulted her and her sister. She also believed that Gloria was choosing Ignacio over her children Gloria= She believes that her children took advantage of her hardworking nature. She went from hospital to hospital with Anita, and spent all of her Christmas money to help her daughter abort her baby

2.2. Black Humor As The Only Response

2.2.1. "Such context allows us to get the joke, even as the humor both masks and reveals the very structures and hierarchies on which the humor depends"

2.2.2. There is a reason behind every laugh and that if someone on the outside were to put themselves in their shoes, they then only be able to understand

2.2.3. Class Relations

2.3. The Legal Universe And Rape

2.3.1. Fear and Distrust of the Police force Humor among Women

2.3.2. Younger women who were not virgins were seen as less honest than older women, and did not usually win rape cases

2.3.3. "Lower class women making accusations of rape in court wereforced to adopt a more elite view of sexuality in order toapproximate judiciary views that were dominant in elite culture atthe time"