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My Game by Mind Map: My Game

1. Ideas for Names

1.1. The Dark Ones

1.2. Elementos

1.3. Element Fight Simulator 2014

2. Future ideas

2.1. In the future if this game catches on i will consider moving it onto other platforms that use the camera option. for example i would use: android phones, tablets, etc - this is because it is all touch screen, they use a camera and with tower defense games being popular this will make a big success in the mobile app industry. PSP Vita - the PSP vita has an external camera that you can attach to the PSP Vita, this will allow the user to use all the functions that the 3Ds offers, this will also put an increase on the profit than can be made

2.1.1. DLC's There will probably be a new DLC every one or two months, these DLC's will consist of a new world or area that contains 30 new levels (15 on each story line) and 10 new guardians and dark ones to catch.

2.1.2. More Platforms If this game makes alot of money then a 3D version will be brought out for the PC version, the game will cost a bit more but from this there could be a few added bonuses thrown in to sweeten the deal. the only problem is having it on the PC may cause problems to catch creatures. One way to get around this problem is that the user can take a picture using a camera and either upload the image into the game or scan an image. another way get around this problem is after the completion of each level you have a chance that it will give you an egg, this egg will be put into the incubator bay to hatch it. The time taken to hatch the egg depends on the level you got it from (so any where from 5 - 30 mins) This will then enable the game to go onto the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4

2.1.3. Multiplayer Multiplayer will be brought out, this will open a variety of new things that the user will be able to do. The multiplayer option will offer the user to do something when they are bored of story mode or if they need help. the multiplayer option will offer: Trading options - this will help the user if they are stuck in story mode or get a certain creature that they cant get Battle mode - Guardians vs the Dark ones (A PvP game mode where you battle your guardians against your opponents dark ones (you can chose whether you want to fight with your guardians or dark ones)). Survival - On this game mode you are put into a level that is used in story mode but on this there is an endless amount of waves, aim of the game is to survive!

3. Game Mechanics

3.1. In "Battle Mode"

3.1.1. A ~Attack Style/Confirm~ This button will determine the Attack style of the towers these will will be the choices: Attack closest creature (A + Up) Attack furthest creature (A + Down) Attack Strongest/most health (A + right) Attack Weakest/least health (A + Left) Basic attack style (A)

3.1.2. B Cancel, Back

3.1.3. X ~Creature and Tower list~ When you press this you have a list of all your creatures and tower types that you have in your bag, you only get to hold a certain amount depending on the difficulty of the level for example: Easy (5 creatures max) Medium (10 creatures max) Hard (15 creatures max) Nightmare (20 creatures max) Each creature and Defensive tower take up 1 slot, this excludes platform towers (these are towers to place creatures onto)

3.1.4. Y ~Turn wave fore-sighting on/off~ This button when activated brings down a small banner telling you which enemy is coming down the path next, you don't gain or loose anything if you use this, its just to help you get prepared for the next wave.

3.1.5. LB Zoom out

3.1.6. RB Zoom in

3.1.7. Touch screen The touch screen will play an important role in this game, with the touch screen you will able to do all the same things that you could do with the button controls a lot easier but as well as this you can scroll around the battle.

3.1.8. Directional buttons ~Move cursor~ this option is for if the user does not want to use the touch screen, with this they will direct the cursor to what task they want to do so if they wanted to put a guardian onto a tower they would go to the guardian bag, select the guardian they want and press "A" to confirm their placement

3.1.9. Pause button Pause Restart Exit Audio settings

3.2. Menu Navigation

3.2.1. A or X Select, Continue, Next page (When reading dialogue).

3.2.2. B or Y Back, Previous page (When reading dialogue).

3.2.3. LB Previous page (When reading dialogue).

3.2.4. RB Next page (When reading dialogue)

3.2.5. Touch screen Not used

4. Terrain

4.1. 2D, birds eye view, Scrolling Terrain. (portable devices)

4.2. 3D terrain with optional birds eye view, with scrolling terrain. (PC and Consoles)

5. Creatures/Characters

5.1. Gaurdians

5.2. Dark Ones

5.3. Main Character

5.3.1. This will be a character that you can name, and change the way he/she looks, you wont see this character very much apart from in battle mode and when another player looks at your account in multiplayer.

6. Plot

6.1. The world has gone into corruption, riddled with alien like creatures due to the main life core being destroyed. You must go through all areas slowly reverting the world to its "Original" state well, that depends if your heart is pure or not. The game comes with two available story lines, the Guardians (Good) and Dark Ones (Evil) you get to choose which story mode to play as. As the good side you go around reverting the world back to how you would see its "original state" meaning luscious green plains, flowers beautiful landscapes etc. you would so this by defending each level from waves of "Dark Ones" eliminating them from the face of the planet. The Evil side is similar to the Good side story line but how you imagine the "original state" is different, lava and fire everywhere, dead trees, no life left on the planet, etc. This will be achieved in the same way as you would in the "Good" story line but instead of fighting "Dark ones", you will be fighting "Guardians " instead

7. Genre

7.1. Tower Defense

7.2. Augmented Reality

7.3. Strategy