Location Review Package

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Location Review Package by Mind Map: Location Review Package

1. IMPORTANT: screen shots from Google Earth

2. B-Roll

2.1. Static Shots of related shots

2.2. Actual shots from location if in town

2.3. Link each shot to information of segement

3. Sound Bites

3.1. Interview with stakeholder

3.1.1. Owner

3.1.2. Patron

3.1.3. Witness

4. Voice-Over

4.1. Include WWWWH?

4.2. Talk slowly

4.3. Not too close to mic

5. Stand-up and Closure

5.1. Be Creative

5.2. State Reporters Name

5.3. Tag back to anchors

5.4. Say "Reporting for Wave TV"

6. Essential Question: How do you create a location review package using Google Earth?

7. Shot Composition

7.1. Rule of Thirds

7.2. Eyes on Third

7.3. Talking Space

7.4. Depth of Field

7.5. Wide, Medium, and Tight