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Twilight by Mind Map: Twilight

1. Book Reviews

1.1. "the book is intriguing" written in a book review by Simone Snaith.

1.2. 59,156 people gave New Moon a "5" for rating

1.3. "it's an addicting story that you can't get bored with."Tammy Hart

2. Keeps people interested in Reading.

2.1. Been quoted by fans that "Stephanie Meyer writes her story well and makes you believe the unbelievable."

3. Movies

3.1. Movies have had tremendous success in the box office and in sales.

3.2. Stayed close to the book enough to not alter the story.

3.3. Box office numers worldwide:$382,511,081

4. New york times best seller

4.1. Eclipse:109 weeks

4.2. New Moon:156 weeks

4.3. Breaking Dawn:58 weeks

4.4. Twilight:146 weeks

4.5. Broke records for New york times best seller list.

5. Relates to Teenagers

5.1. Relates to teenagers.

5.2. Girls like Bella,clumsy,awkward and unpopular can relate to twilight and how it feels to have a person that loves you.

5.3. Guys like Edward that are shy,not because there vampires but because they're different.

6. Better than Harry Potter

6.1. Harry Potter was on the top 10 of the USA Today best seller list for 13 consecutive weeks.

6.2. Twilight was on the top 10 of the USA Today best seller list for 52 consectutive weeks.

6.3. Twilights fan base is larger than Harry Potters and there is only on Twilight movie released.

6.4. Twilight worldwide boxoffice numbers:$382,511,081