Weekly news 11.11.13

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Weekly news 11.11.13 by Mind Map: Weekly news 11.11.13

1. 1. A powerful storm hit Vietnam:

1.1. Typhoons are hit Vietham after Philipins

1.2. Hayian may be the strongest typhoon ever.

1.3. Tacloba have stayed without food, electricity, water and a lot off houses and buildings demolished.

1.4. 1200 people were kill

2. Obama said: I'm sorry

2.1. People loses his health insurance becouse Affordable Care Act. Obamacare

2.2. Obama give promise and dont't keep promise

2.3. Fix Obamacare

3. Veterans` Day

3.1. 3 day holiday for government employees

3.2. 11th November the armistice that ended World War l went into effect

3.3. Armistice Day

3.4. for honor of U.S. military

4. Song for son (I Drive Your Truck)

4.1. Son a veteran of the war in Afghanistan

4.2. The CNA song of the year

4.3. Don't lose your time

4.4. Jared Monti was killed trying to save a fellow soldier.