Victory in Christ Themes from Observation

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Victory in Christ Themes from Observation by Mind Map: Victory in Christ Themes from Observation

1. Fusion of Old and New

1.1. Rote Teaching

1.1.1. "Teach and throw you out there"

1.1.2. Person teaching knows all the parts

1.1.3. Only sing/plunk out part 2-3 times

1.1.4. "Sing it exactly the way I sing it"

1.1.5. Slows down parts

1.1.6. Isolates

1.1.7. Kinesthetics

1.1.8. No physical sheet music

1.1.9. Can lose the key sometimes

1.1.10. When wrong resings the phrase

1.1.11. "Hear it before you sing it"

1.1.12. Trial and error

1.2. Style of Singing

1.2.1. "Belting"

1.2.2. Chest sound

1.2.3. Get on top of the note

1.2.4. Gets louder/more powerful as it gets higher

1.2.5. Can move songs through keys without reading/hearing them

1.2.6. Sing from down in the gut

1.2.7. Breathe but don't rush

1.2.8. Not in neck, but in gut

1.2.9. "Gives you power, gives you energy"

1.2.10. Alto is strong

1.3. Repetoire

1.3.1. Mostly sung in thirds for harmony

1.3.2. Repeating lyrics

1.3.3. Simple lyrics (no more than 20 words a song)

1.3.4. "Modern gospel"

1.3.5. Gets stuck in your head

1.3.6. Text painting

1.3.7. Either unison or 3 part harmony

1.4. Technology

1.4.1. APP for church

1.4.2. Livestream

1.4.3. Communication through email

1.4.4. Bible study on phone

1.4.5. Can get sermons/masses on CD and DVD

1.4.6. Listens to youtube for parts of song

1.4.7. Goal: Create a CD

1.4.8. Writes song with Garageband backing

2. Atmosphere

2.1. Prayer

2.1.1. Pray before rehearsal

2.1.2. Prayer before Worship on Fridays

2.1.3. Prayer before performance on Sunday

2.2. Positivity

2.2.1. No fire and brimstone

2.2.2. Common words in songs are love

2.2.3. "Precious hearts"- when make mistakes

2.2.4. "All are artists; eclectic, emotional, and weird"

2.2.5. Strikes a cord, lets someone know (see reactions)

2.3. Community

2.3.1. lyrics on screen for everyone to sing

2.3.2. Songs are meant to effect others

2.3.3. "Show your children how to worship God"

2.3.4. LOVE TIME

2.4. Spirituality

2.4.1. "There is no God like our God"

2.4.2. Lyrics of songs

2.4.3. Always perform/rehearse in a worship setting

2.4.4. Passion

2.4.5. Practice the presence of the word

2.4.6. Always minister

2.4.7. "God always releases a sound first"

2.5. Reactions

2.5.1. Crying

2.5.2. Screaming

2.5.3. "Thank you, Jesus"

2.5.4. Standing

2.5.5. Clapping

2.5.6. Crying


3. Improvisation

3.1. Lots of riffing is added by soloist

3.2. Soloist seems to have road map and go from there

3.3. Song was learned differently than expected, worked around it

3.4. Created a song during Worship

3.5. Will flip it up

3.6. Movement is happening constantly but not cheorographed

3.7. Will pray during songs