Things Fall Apart- relationships: Okonkwo

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Things Fall Apart- relationships: Okonkwo by Mind Map: Things Fall Apart- relationships: Okonkwo

1. Wives

1.1. 2nd- Ekwefi

1.1.1. Ezinma (daughter) Okagbue Uyanwa (medicine man for Ezinma's health)

1.2. 1st wife

1.2.1. Obiageli older than Ezinma but Ezinma influences her

1.3. 3rd- Ojiugo

1.3.1. Okonkwo beats her up during the 'Week of Peace'

2. Family

2.1. Uchendu (younger brother)

2.1.1. Njide (oldest daughter)

2.2. Unoka (father)

2.3. Amikwu (cousin)

3. Umuofia

3.1. Ogbuefi Ezeudu (oldest man in the village, has the most titles)

3.2. Oracle/God (Agbala)

3.2.1. Chielo (priestess)

3.3. Akunna (clan leader)

3.4. Authority

3.4.1. Evil Forest

4. Sons

4.1. Nwoye (Last son)

4.2. Ikemefuna (boy given by a neighboring village)

5. Rivals

5.1. Authority

5.1.1. the Distric Commissioner no respect for Africans racism

6. Friend

6.1. Obierika

6.1.1. Maduka (son)

6.1.2. Iweka (father)

7. Obstacles

7.1. Missionaries

7.1.1. Mr. Brown Mr. Kiaga (interpreter)

7.1.2. Reverend James Smith (replaces Mr. Brown, more strict and uncompromising) Okeke (interpreter)

7.2. Converts

7.2.1. Mr. Kiaga (arrives in Mbanta, converts others)

7.2.2. Nwoye (felt calmness and happiness through hymns)

7.2.3. Enoch (ruins the holy ceremony at Umuofia)

7.2.4. Nneka, wife of Amadi (pregnant of twins)

7.3. Deaths

7.3.1. Ikemefuna

7.3.2. Ezeudu's 16 years old son

8. Co members

8.1. egwugwu

8.1.1. Ajofia (leader)

8.1.2. Otakagu (Imo)

8.1.3. Ekwensu (Uli)

8.1.4. New node