Special Diets

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Special Diets by Mind Map: Special Diets

1. Raw Food

1.1. Eating only uncooked, unprocessed food. AKA Rawism

1.2. They believe that this is the path towards perfect health.

1.3. Leaner body, clearer skin, higher energy and cuts probability of getting diseases.

1.4. Sometimes, a person's body is not fit to handle this diet and can result in undernourishment.

2. Low Fat

2.1. This diet makes you stop eating fatty food (fried food, candy, etc).

2.2. People follow this diet when they are trying to lose weight or lower their cholesterol level.

2.3. This diet will most likely make you lose weight, until you start eating fatty food again.

2.4. People who are trying to lose weight and go through this diet are most likely addicted to fatty food, and changing to no fat would basically mean for them to instanlty stop an addiction.

3. Lactose Intolerance

3.1. This is a diet where followers do not consume dairy product.

3.2. This diet is the inability to digest dairy product. Link

3.3. There are benefits of being Lactose Intolerance, the main one being that, the undigested lactose would act as a protection against Colorectal Cancer.

3.4. Since most of the calcium we get is from milk and other dairy products, the inability to digest these products means that they need to find other means of getting sufficient calcium into their body.

4. Pescetarian