Literary Devices used in Satire

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Literary Devices used in Satire by Mind Map: Literary Devices used in Satire

1. Definition of Literary Device

1.1. An art form which expresses ideas through language, which we can recognize, identify, and interpret.

2. 1st Example

2.1. On page 62, Candide is deceived and is told that Cunegonde is in a dungeon nearby, but is very ill and cannot make any contact with sunlight. Candide believing this, goes to the dungeon and gives, who he thinks is Cunegonde, most of his jewels and gold. It shows here that Candide is being fooled by a stranger who is aiming for his jewels. This scene shows that Voltaire is satirizing the stupidity of people and how some trusts everything a person says. He also shows how people could be vile to take another person's money.

3. 2nd Example

3.1. From page 74 to 80, Candide and Martin have supper with strangers who turn s out to be kings of different parts of Europe. One of them, being the owner of Candide's old friend Cacambo. Hearing that a pirate had abducted Cunegonde and the old women, they both head out to search for Cunegonde. Also, in previous chapters, Cunegonde is traded from men to men in order to please them in anyway. This being a form of prostitution. Here, Voltaire satires how humans can have no mercy towards others, and only care about themselves.