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European nations settle north america by Mind Map: European nations settle north
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European nations settle north america

Magellans voyage showed that ships could reach asia by way of pacific ocean.

Early french explorers sailed west with dreams of reaching the east indies.

In 1673 the french penetrated the north american continent.

Nearly ten years later Sieur de La Salle explored the upper Mississippi river.

Frances north american empire was immense.

Frances empire was sparsely populated.

A large number of frenchs populaton ahd no desire to build towns or raise families.

In 1607 explorers from king james reached the coast of Virginia, they called it jamestown.

The colonys start was disastrous, they were more interested in finding gold than in planting crops.

France,england,and the netherlands battled each other for colonial supremecy.

Dutch gone.

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Native americans did most of the trapping and trading of furs.

Groups did not live together in complete harmony.

Many people died due to native disease which led to the use of slaves.

They turned to a completely different group: Africans, whom they would enslave millions.