Goldstein Chapters 6 and 7

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Goldstein Chapters 6 and 7 by Mind Map: Goldstein Chapters 6 and 7

1. The rape story

1.1. It's dark humor and it comes from varying interpretations of event by participants.

1.2. Ignacio was only concerned with his watch

1.3. Anita used it as a chance to escape virginity

1.4. Later their was conflict between Gloria and Anita. "Tyrannical" rule of mother over daughters- just doesn't want to feed anymore mouths. Anita viewed this as an assault on personal liberty, didn't really consider economic responsibility factors.

1.5. The women see the men for what they do and it i s common for sexual encounters like abuse and rape to be somewhat expected from me.

1.6. In order to understand the details of suffering you have to understand the use of humor.

1.7. A story about the robbery and rape that happened in Glorias life is told in a new way that provided a way for sexual violence and female victimization to be death with through humor.

1.8. Difficult for younder women who were not virgins or in stable relationships with a man to meet a standard or being honest in a case of rape.

1.9. What is so funny about rape? Humor can only be understood in its place based on class, gender, and sexuality.

2. Sexuality in the context of local culture/Peter Fry- male homosexuality consisted of 2 types in Brazil (upper class and lower class model.

3. Brazilian sexuality is more concerned with buttocks than with breasts/jokes are commonly sexual. Metaphors about food and eating often express idead about sexuality. Women are seen to be "consumed" and men do the "consuming"

4. Women who are seen to have too many sexual partners are called galinhas or piranhas if men do not cooperate with women than they will be deprived of sex.

5. Boys are encouraged to be active seducers. Boys are seen to "need" sex while girls are wanted to be kept virgins.

6. Sexuality in the context of local culture

6.1. Sexuality is central in "Brazilianness"

6.2. Sexual teasing and banter are common in Felicidade.

6.3. Sacanagem: "linking notions of aggression and hostility, play, and amusement, sexual excitement and erotic practicein a single symbolic practice"

6.4. Cariocas possess an open, permissive approach to sexuality

6.5. Can be good or bad, describe acts of pleasure and acts of pain.

6.6. Have a sex positive outlook on life, and even elders speak of sex.