Graphic Design UWCSEA, East

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Graphic Design UWCSEA, East by Mind Map: Graphic Design UWCSEA, East

1. Digital media

1.1. Photography

1.1.1. green screen x2

1.1.2. Tripods

1.1.3. computer for editing high end spec-ed Macpro for digital

1.1.4. Large table for the Mac pro

1.1.5. digital projector for conversion of the room to a mini theater on occasions - some lounge chairs as well.

1.1.6. lighting 3 lighting - moveable on stands, some spots 3 boom mounted lights (fixed)

1.1.7. 1SLR Nikon d90 and Cannon a3

1.2. Graphic design

1.2.1. Courses IGCSE ? FIB ? Diploma ? MS

1.2.2. Graphic Design Studio Mac pros lan connected for heavier digital work - unsure of specs other special Furniture Other toys Harkness table

1.2.3. local storage - server?

1.2.4. Rooms Computer studio Desktop computers local server? software? Printers - large format? some Starbucks style seating Room besides the digital studio animation? light proofing on rooms

1.2.5. Courses IGCSE Graphic Design 10 9 FIB 11/12 Graphic Design Industrial Design Architecture Motion graphics Animation Digital media Character design Film MS

1.3. small room next to photo studio

1.3.1. animation benches/stages class set

1.3.2. sound proofing

1.3.3. Room modifications room 1 converted to control room - glass widow through to the photo studio? - unsure whether this is needed

1.3.4. Boinx TV and iStop motion

2. Sculpure fabrications 3D...

2.1. Where

2.1.1. deck need cover lock up power - safety needs to be impossible to throw things off the side

2.1.2. instide space - maybe the prep room in the ceramics area

2.2. What

2.2.1. welding, screwing sawing for students, assembling...

2.3. Who

2.3.1. TA to over see and mansge with all teachers involved with safe use rules

2.4. How

2.4.1. need to do a plan with specs and what we need