Operating Systems

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Operating Systems by Mind Map: Operating Systems

1. Definition: What does it do?

1.1. software that controls the execution of computer programs and may provide various services.

2. What % use Windows?

2.1. 80% use windows for their operating system.

2.1.1. pros Comes complete with an excellent array of software Excellent support for media formats, including DRMed media, out of the box

2.1.2. cons You must pay for software for the Windows platform You might be out of luck with old hardware

3. Cell phone Operating Systems: which one do you have?

3.1. Android, I have a smartphone

4. Linux: Open Source,Free

4.1. pros

4.1.1. Way more secure than Windows XP and even OSX.

4.1.2. Everything is free

4.1.3. Full access to the free open source library of software. Great full featured, compatible, and free replacements for your proprietary software.

4.2. cons

4.2.1. The latest and greatest hardware is typically slower to reach Linux.

4.2.2. Limited vendor support.

4.2.3. Limited support for proprietary applications

5. Apple: Osx, Leopard

5.1. pros

5.1.1. Easier to use for the non technical.

5.1.2. Content creation is its strength.

5.1.3. More secure than Windows due to its UNIX base

5.1.4. Almost no spyware or virus applications.

5.2. cons

5.2.1. Less support. You have to goto Apple for all your hardware problems.

5.2.2. More complex than Windows due to its UNIX base. This really isn’t a major con because OSX does a great job of hiding this complexity from the end user.