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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Livemindmapping overview by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Livemindmapping overview
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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Livemindmapping overview

What & Why?

Livemindmapping of all the talks of TEDxAmsterdam 2013

To celebrate 5 years of TEDxAmsterdam

To help Ideas Worth Spreading


Starting November 19th 2013

Puslishing a map a week of the talks of TEDxAmsterdam 2013


links to all maps will be available from this map, see below

Etienne Abelin - Colouring Music with the Music Animation Machine

Peter Ngatia Nguura - Africa means Business

Manfred Kets de Vries - From hero to zero - When leaders turn bad

Jimmy Nelson - Before they pass away

Dominic Seldis - Valse Miniature

Fons Trompenaars - Riding the waves of culture

Helen Mees - China's rise

Bas van Abel - Fairphone: Changing the way products are made, starting with a single phone

Bart Remes - A drone inside everybody’s pocket

Dadara - Like4Real

Hans Clevers - Stem cells: Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde?

Floris Kaayk - Human birdwings

Amy Robinson - EyeWire, a game to map the brain

Benno Naaijkens - StemBell

Mona Eltahawy - Permanence and loss - how tattoos helped me heal

Jacob Wood - Molding military service for global good


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