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MindMeister and me

In my previous experiences with digital mapping software, the "visual" aspect (these are supposed to be visual thinking tools) was sorely lacking.

One of the things that drew me to MindMeister was the capability of adding background images.

Along the way, I've discovered that MindMeister gives me a mind-boggling number of ways -- not only graphics related -- to "supercharge" maps.

I think I'm starting to get a pretty good feel for the whole toolkit.

Last words

This is meant to be a simple service. A way of taking your map-as-communication-vehicle to the next level.

The finished product may not rise to the level of "fine art," but I'll try to give you more than your money's worth.

I'll also do my best to see to it that any and all transactions are conducted smoothly and professionally.

From you, I'd need:



Let's put our heads together.

If you'll give me:

I'll generate for you in return:

I'll make it:

And I'll do it quickly:

I have a proposition...

I'd venture to guess that most of us aren't using MindMeister's tools and features to their fullest.

There's nothing particularly difficult about using them. But there is a learning curve. It takes some trying and erring to become an accomplished mapper.

If, for whatever reason, that's not in the cards for you now...