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Thinking And Deciding by Mind Map: Thinking And Deciding
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Thinking And Deciding


Brainstorm for now, revise later. Add concepts as you come across them.

Most Important Concepts

Brainstorm for now, revise later. Add concepts as you come across them. Sort according to IDEA!

Search-Inference Framework (Ch1)

Understanding (Ch1)

Rationality; luck & misfortune (Ch3 > Rationality)

Psychological difficulties (Ch 4 > Psych difficulties)...mostly concerned with wason selection task and the universal/existential troubles

Probability Judgment (Ch5 > definitions)

Frequency/logical/personal theories

Pretty much all of ch 5 an 6

Not all belief persistence is irrational ch9 (and it's child nodes)

Biased assimilation

Belief Overkill


Value conflict



Chapter 1: What Is Thinking?

Chapter 2: The Study of Thinking

Chapter 3: Rationality

Chapter 4: Logic

Chapter 5: Normative Theory of Probability

Chapter 6: Descriptive Theory of Probability

Chapter 7: Hypothesis Testing

Chapter 8: Judgment of Correlation and Contingency

Chapter 9: Actively Open-Minded Thinking

Chapter 10: Normative Theory of Choice Under Certainty

Brainstorming Notes

How To Categorize

Strategies for optimizing ease of information retrieval



Needs to be completed or have more information added

Ch 4 > Logic > Mental-Models

Perhaps some more on Ch4

Ch5 logical theory > definition (additional info about this theory is also needed.)

Finish Ch5

I will go back after I complete the book notes and so a serious overhaul, tidy things up, categorize better, etc...

when looking at the math involved in the book, don't get discouraged, just do a couple sample problems of your own, and ONE THING I FOUND TO BE VERY HELPFUL, was to write down examples while you read the information so you can see what they are talking about tangibly