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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Africa Means Business by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2013
Africa Means Business
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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Africa Means Business

Africa Means Business, the story...

... the incredible story that Africans have been weaving for the past ten years

... the story even continues when Africa has to deal with seemingly insurmountable odds

$2 trillion economy

7 countries

being forcast to be among the fastest growing economies in the next 5 years

increasing number of countries stepping away from independency

domestic private sectors becoming the engines of economic grwoth

Africa and African people doing business


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Peter Ngatia Nguura

interview at TEDxAms

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Themes, Africa, Good news

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Reactions, Peter Ngatia Nguura, Project Manager of AMREF's Alternative Rights of Passage Project gives great talk at @TEDxAms, Peter Nguura: What does Africa now need? Africa needs the world to listen to us, talk with us, not about us and share our good news #TEDxAms

whatch this talk on Youtube

Why Africa's time is now

Harvard Business Review

october 2013 issue

7 reasons why Africa's time is now (see link)

for example, huge market, increased political stability

8th reason/8th wonder of Africa

believing in the people

believing in the African Dream

The African Dream, three relationships are changing

men and women

men observe human rights

gender based violence decreased

giving woman the room in personal carreer and professional activities

stronger families and national economies

banks and customers

10 years ago

Kenyan owned bank was founded, Equity Bank, revolutionzed the idea of banking in Kenya, high innovation, account opening without initial deposit, currently leading African bank

between Africans

previously, talking more than listening, askig more questions instead of giving answers

transformation, from resistance / opposition, to warm blessed mutial support

for example, received wise council from the elders, Masai elders are keeping daughters in school, away from, arranged marriage, genetial cuts, making sure the receive more cows for their daughters

What does Africa need from the World?

the world to listen to us

the world to talk with us

not, to talk to us, to talk down to us

but, talk with us, connect to us

lets connect heart to heart and form bonds

the world to share the good news

currently, world only seas and hears pain

pain cannot inspire

hope and good news can!