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Scaling apps on heroku by Mind Map: Scaling apps on heroku
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Scaling apps on heroku



Heroku practice manager

Vincent Spehner

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Cache or call pattern using redis / memcache

caching options, cache, data replication, (best) data synchronization, most robust, most hard to implement, HerokuConnect will do it for you, sync your sfdc objects with your local sotorage

cache warming, background job

custom APEX end point

reduce API calls

group API calls

trigger complex Apex code from a REST endpoint

environment mgmt

duplicate your production env locally for testing (same components), Foreman

of course you can run the testing on heroku as well

no clues on errors

logs are an event stream

use tools that store the logs on DB or monitor them, papertrail, new relic

App capacity estimation


API latency syndrom


API quota reached quickly

>5 API calls per action

App not working at specific times of the day

12 factors of building apps on PaaS / heroku