causes of divorce in heterosexual marriages

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causes of divorce in heterosexual marriages by Mind Map: causes of divorce in heterosexual marriages

1. financial issues

1.1. point at which having less $ increases likelihood of divorce

1.2. point at which having more $ increases likelihood of divorce (too much of a good thing)

1.3. not having too much or too little but a drastic and fast change in amount of money

1.4. husband and/or wife has filed for bankruptcy in past

1.5. debts

1.5.1. large debts are obtained during marriage

1.5.2. husband and/or wife comes into marriage with large debts

2. sexual issues

2.1. lower level of sexual activity with spouse/ higher level of sexual activity with spouse

2.2. cheating on spouse

2.2.1. extent/ level/ intensity of cheating behavior sex kissing emotional length of time cheating has been occurring for

3. lack of love and respect

3.1. wives need to respect husbands more/ husbands need to love wives more

3.2. wives need to love husbands more/ husbands need to respect wives more

3.3. both need to do both more

4. age of spouses at time of wedding

4.1. younger age increase likelihood of divorce

4.1.1. younger age of husband

4.1.2. younger age of wife

4.2. older age increases likelihood of divorce

4.2.1. older age of husband

4.2.2. older age of wife

4.3. large age gap between spouses increase likelihood of divorce

4.3.1. husband is older

4.3.2. wife is older

5. one or both spouses being in school

5.1. how many years left in school once married

6. career status at time of wedding correlation

6.1. husband or wife is not working

6.2. type of jobs

6.2.1. manual labor

6.2.2. business owner small business large organization

6.2.3. management

6.2.4. minimum wage job

6.2.5. large gap between status level of jobs

6.2.6. husband and wife have high status jobs

6.2.7. husband and wife have low status jobs

7. divorces in one's past

7.1. both have divorces in their past

7.2. husband has been divorced before

7.3. wife has been divorced before

7.4. number of times each have been divorced

8. number of divorces of one's parents

8.1. person's parent's have been divorced

8.2. person's same sex parent has have multiple divorces

9. abuse

9.1. physical

9.1.1. husband abuses wife

9.1.2. wife abuses husband

9.2. emotional/ mental

9.2.1. husband abuses wife

9.2.2. wife abuses husband

10. religion/ faith status

10.1. having a religion/ faith

10.2. not having a religion/ faith

11. approval of marriage

11.1. from family

11.2. from friends