What type of story is it?

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What type of story is it? by Mind Map: What type of story is it?

1. legend

1.1. elements

1.1.1. Characters very few characters may include objects or animals that are given human-like traits

1.1.2. Time/ Place Story takes place in the past place relates to the culture

1.1.3. Plot contains alot of action action

1.1.4. theme explains natural events tonados hurricanes life lessons orgins of life

2. poetry

2.1. elements

2.1.1. written in verse

2.1.2. contains rythm and may rhyme

2.1.3. short lines

2.1.4. words are chosen for both their sound and their meaning

2.2. examples

2.2.1. Dr. Suess

2.2.2. Where the Sidewalk ends

2.2.3. Pizza the Size of the Sun

3. fantasy

3.1. elements

3.1.1. make belive

3.1.2. stories that cannot happen in real life

3.1.3. often contains an element of magic

3.2. examples

3.2.1. Cinderella

3.2.2. Beauty and the Beast

3.2.3. Charlotte's Web

3.2.4. New node

4. drama

4.1. elements

4.1.1. contains alot of dialougue between characters

4.1.2. plays

4.1.3. meant for theater