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Blue Sail Creative Website Analytics by Mind Map: Blue Sail Creative Website
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Blue Sail Creative Website Analytics

Open Web Browser


Login with Credentials, Select Blue Sail Creative Account, View Blue Sail Creative Report, Click Date Range, Set Date Range to Last 7 Days, Select Compare to Past, Select Range of Previous Week Starting 14 days Ago and ending 7 day ago, Select Visitors, Select Map Overlay, Select United States, Select "Show 10 Rows", Export PDF, Select New York, Export PDF, Select New vs Returning, Export PDF, Select New Visitor, Export PDF, Select Returning Visitor, Export PDF, Select Visitor Trending, Select Visits, Export PDF, Select Absolute Unique Visitors, Export PDF, Select Pageviews, Export PDF, Select Avg. Pageviews, Export PDF, Select Time on Site, Export PDF, Select Bounce Rate, Export PDF, Select Visitor Loyalty, Select Visits, Export PDF, Select Browser Capabilities, Select Browsers and OS, Export PDF, Select Traffic Sources, Select Overview, Export PDF, Select Direct Traffic, Export PDF, Select Referring Sites, Export PDF, Select Search Engines, Export PDF, Select Keywords, Export PDF, Select Content, Select Top Content, Export PDF, Select Top Exit Pages, Export PDF

Open Adobe Acrobat

Combine all Exported PDF files into 1 Directory

Create a Custom PDF Coversheet Using Template, Right Click all Files and select "Combine in Adobe Acrobat", Arrange PDF Files in the following order: 1 - Cover Sheet 2 - United States Map Overlay 3 - New York Map Overlay 4 - New vs Returning Overview 5 - New Visitors 6 - Returning Visitors 7 - Visitor Trending - Visits 8 - Visitor Trending - Absolute Unique Views 9 - Visitor Trending - Pageviews 10 - Visitor Trending - Avg. Page Views / Visit 11 -Visitor Trending - Time on Site 12 - Visitor Trending - Bounce Rate 13 - Visitor Loyalty 14 - Browser Capabilities 15 - Traffic Sources - Overview 16 - Traffic Sources - Direct Traffic 17 - Traffic Sources - Referring Sites 18 - Traffic Sources - Search Engines 19 - Traffic Sources - Keywords 20 - Content - Top Content 21 - Content - Top Exit Pages, Save PDF, E-Mail PDF, Post PDF on Dropbox