TEDxAmsterdam 2013 From hero to zero - when leaders turn bad

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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 From hero to zero - when leaders turn bad by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2013 From hero to zero - when leaders turn bad

1. the Narcissism/Hubris test

1.1. how big is your ego?

1.2. do you have your name on your building?

1.3. do you own a sports team?

1.4. do you have an own jet?

1.5. do you own newspapers or other media?

1.6. do people always agree with you?

1.7. is your office full of photos of you and famous people?

1.8. do you have a spouse who was born after you graduated from high school?

1.8.1. this is the acid test

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3. About

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3.2. ...the author

3.2.1. Manfred Kets de Vries

3.2.2. Interview at TEDxAms

3.3. ...this talk

3.3.1. Themes Leadership

3.3.2. Related talks

3.3.3. Reactions Manfred kets de Vries is spot-on! "Pay attention to what's not being said. What's going on in the cloud" #EI #TedX Interview in Volkskrant (in Dutch)

3.3.4. Watch this talk on YouTube

4. On leadership

4.1. power corrupts - absolute power corrupts absolutely - Lord Acton

4.2. where are the heroes gone?

4.3. now, when you open the news paper

4.3.1. north Korea

4.3.2. etc

4.3.3. heroes Bernie Madoff 150 years in prison Rajat Gupta 2 years in prison Raj Rajatnam 11 years in prison Lord COnrad Black 6,5 years in prison Jeff Skilling/Enron 24 years in prison

4.4. one death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic - Josef Stalin

5. Why do leaders derail?

5.1. or: how do people turn into wolves in sheeps clothing

5.1.1. it is hard to learn the mind of any mortal, or the heart, till he bei tried in chef authority. Power shows the man - Sophocles

5.1.2. when people get power, bad things happen

5.2. why

5.2.1. why are so many leader self destructive?

5.2.2. why don't leader get the best out of their people?

5.2.3. why do so many executive teams function poorly?

5.2.4. why do so many organizations have a "gulag" (mind control) quality?

5.3. everybody is normal, until you know them better

5.4. how this happens

5.4.1. the HUBRIS effect excessive pride / arrogance

5.4.2. Narcissism ultimately falling in love with your reflection in the mirror

5.4.3. starting to live in a hall of mirrors

5.4.4. surrounded by yes-sayers like Hitler in the bunker hoping for mysterious weapons to come suddenly

5.4.5. the moment you are a senior executive, you are surrounded by liars! keep this in mind

5.5. examples

5.5.1. Samuel Goldwyn "I don't want any yes-men around me. I want people to tell me the trurth, even if it costs them their job." "don't say yes until I stop talking" "when I want your opinion I'll give to you"

6. What leaders can do to become better leaders

6.1. what

6.1.1. need to deal with existential anxieties executives wan to leave a legacy / create some meaning fear of dying what gets you out of the bed in the morning fear of isolation / loneliness how can I improve the relations with people I care about? fear of not beaing in control

6.1.2. people need to learn to listen listening with a third ear, like Buddha

6.1.3. you might need to change certain patterns "the tragedy of life is that you only understand it backward but you have to live it forward" - Kierkegaard

6.1.4. approach is influenced by Frued 11.000.000 impulse by second disovered many people don't know themselves

6.2. how to become an authentic leader

6.2.1. use 720 feedback instead of 360 not only organisations but also friends and family memebers "if somebody says you have ears like a donkey, pay no attention. But if two people tell you so, buy yourself a saddle" depends on culture within the organisation

6.2.2. decide on how to use yourself as an instrument become more emotionally intelligent listen to what's not being said pic up the subtle information don't sovle the problem using group coaching

6.2.3. stimulate quietness and daydreams why 18200 dreams a year we don't remember most of them examples Einstein conceived the relativity theory while daydreaming Kekulé dreamed up the Benzene ring get leaders out of their sandbox

6.3. leaders really need to know what effect they have on people

6.3.1. most of these things are not very new

6.3.2. "Know thyself" As stated on the temple of Apollo in ancient Delphi it still is relevant today as it what yesterday

7. Personal story

7.1. old framhouse in huizen

7.1.1. my grandpartents lived there

7.1.2. hid 13 people

7.1.3. grandather very talented to make double floors and double walls

7.2. influenced by my mother

7.2.1. mother tried to feed al those people

7.2.2. was traumatized

7.3. made me think about: what do people do to other people

7.3.1. Conus eating his children

7.3.2. their children

7.3.3. their next generation

8. So, what is your 'final exam'

8.1. ask yourself

8.1.1. what do you want to leave for your children/ the next generation

8.1.2. how would you like to be remembered

8.1.3. what kind of legacy do you want to leave

8.2. not being the richest or most powerwul person in the graveyard