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CrowdFunding Mentors by Mind Map: CrowdFunding Mentors
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CrowdFunding Mentors


1- Mentor selection

Mentor application

Review process


2-Mentors Branding

Community building, CF Websites - backlink references,,,,,, Communities, Google +, LinkedIn, Press release

Mentors Branding Website, Landing page, Contact us, Blog, Lead catching forms, Video introduction, Video SEO, Web SEO

CrowdFunding Social Media, Account set of config, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google +, Account, Planting, Farming, Affinity

Blog publishing, Auto Content generator, Blooging, Posting

Certification, CF planning certification, CrowdFunding approved, Star

3-Mentors Education

CFFW - elearning, Video, Presentation, Librrary, Contents, Tools, Weekly Video training via Google Hangout

4-Mentors Training

5 Hours CrowdFunding training, Bootcamp

Hands on project training, Completing one CrowdFunding project end to end

Social Media training, Google +

CrowdFunding business model training

5- Consulting business Infrastructure

Google Apps

Business ERP, CRM, Task managment, CrowdBuilding

Email Marketing

Content development template

Business intelligence engine set up, Blog content generator, Stay updated on daily bases and relevency

6-Revenue generation

CrowdFunding consultancy agreement, Lead share program, Circle of influence, Lead gathering program, Mentors Lead referral, Project collaboration, CrowdFunding Roadshow, CrowdFunding bootcamp, CrowdFunding Conference, Special projects, Books, Ebooks, Video series, Consultant competency consulting services, CowdFunding Legal, CowdFunding Phsycology, CrowdFunding Social Media, Project, Strategy consultation, Technical consultation, Tactical consultation

CrowdFunding affiliation program

Seminar and training

7-CrowdFunding project Back office services

Campaign website

Campaign promotions

Campaign press release

Campaign video production

CrowdFunding business modeling and Buiz plan

Campaign component development, Strategy, Technical, Tachtical

CrowdFunding mentors think thank