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1. about

1.1. Ali Sadat, sr dir pm

1.2. @alisadat

2. Not org data, but rather global salesforce data

2.1. including D&B database

2.2. you get masked data which you can purchase to get full data

3. Purchase data

3.1. flow

3.1.1. search

3.1.2. retrieve tx id

3.1.3. purchase

4. Supports REST or Apex (SOQL)

4.1. REST

4.1.1. search

4.1.2. purchase

4.1.3. match here's a record, tell me if you have something similar fuzzy search returns a single result that with high confidence matches the record provided also returns the diff between the request & the found match should provide as much information as possible

4.1.4. retrieve returns companies from D&B database

4.1.5. ...

5. Datacloud (External) sObjects

5.1. e.g.

5.1.1. search companies who's name is like ...

5.1.2. search companies from city ...

5.1.3. New Node

5.1.4. search contacts with name like ...

5.2. API looks like regular API

5.3. entities

5.3.1. DataCloudCompany

5.3.2. DatacloudContact some fields are masked