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Slaughtervale --the ash by Mind Map: Slaughtervale --the ash
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Slaughtervale --the ash

ruled by efreets

exiles sent to be consumed by Irshaal

the great storm opened a conduit to the vale

they came in and took the land over

they seek to raise an army and return to the City of Brass to take over.


northern city founded when there were too many slaves to hold in harzushad

also, mines were found in the north.

came into conflict with the remnants of the dwarves and the dragonborn

ruled by Radumanshal' subordinate



ruled by radumanshal, caliphate of the sojanni

largest city in the vale.

the sojanni's military forces are mostly here.



the sojanni are the most powerful and agressive military force in the vale

basically they are in conflict with everyone.

the only alliance they have is with the drow of the wastes.