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Digital Trust Magazine by Mind Map: Digital Trust Magazine

1. Major Page Types

1.1. Cover/Homepage

1.1.1. Front Cover Full-page photo plus a few feature snippets of content in the magazine.

1.1.2. Table of Contents Listing of the feature articles and recurring items in the issue.

1.2. Generic Content Page

1.2.1. Masthead Listing of the leadership of Pew Charitable Trusts and the magazine staff. Also includes mailing address information.

1.2.2. Contact Pew (NEW)

1.2.3. Other TBD Content Pages (NEW)

1.3. Archive Index

1.3.1. Listing of all back-issues of Trust Magazine

1.3.2. What happens when you click to back-issue is still TBD. If content has not been migrated to new system it could show a Basic Content page with a index of articles (or just a PDF link to the issue). Each article could be a basic content page until migrated to the new system.

1.4. Article Page

1.4.1. Single Article Notes from the President Roughly 500 word letter in each issue from the Pew President. Every Issue On the Record One republished article/essay written by a Pew staff member for another media organization/publication. Every Issue Feature Article (3-4 per issue) Long-form article related to a specific element of Pew’s work. 3-4 of these appear per issue. Every issue News One 2-3 page article on a current event related to Pew’s work. Every issue Pew Partners Article that features an organization, individual donor, or other partner of Pew. Written by the editor of Trust magazine. As desired. Not in every issue. Dispatch Article written from the field by a Pew staff member working on a Pew-funded program. As desired. Not in every issue Lessons Learned Article that discusses an evaluation of a Pew-funded initiative. As desired. Not in every issue. End Note Collection of infographics and introductory text related to research conducted by the Pew Research Center. Every issue

1.4.2. Collection of Short Articles Briefly Noted Collection of 5-6 brief articles related to current events and Pew’s work. Every issue. Return on Investment Collection of 10-20 brief stories highlighting Pew’s accomplishments in different areas of its work. Every issue.

1.5. Search Results

1.5.1. Could be a Generic Content Page. Would need a Search Listing style.

2. Major Interface Elements (From Magazine)

2.1. Section header

2.1.1. Label for the section of the magazine ("Notes from the President", "Pew Partners", etc)

2.2. Article title

2.3. Article subhead

2.4. Body text

2.5. Image and caption

2.5.1. Images in the magazine are of many different sizes--from full-page to a small insert.

2.5.2. Can be a photo or illustration.

2.5.3. Occasionally includes attribution of photo.

2.6. Pull-Quote

2.7. Table of Contents listing

2.7.1. Article listing in the table of contents. Includes article title, description, page number, and by-line (optional)

2.8. Infographic Image with Header

2.8.1. Includes infographic title, chart description, chart legend, and chart. Can also include attribution.

2.8.2. Seems to be common chart types (pie, bar, line).

2.8.3. Maps are also sometimes used.

2.9. Byline and Bio

2.9.1. Attribution for author of article. Includes author name and optionally a brief biography.

2.10. More information link

2.10.1. End of article promotion to a web link for more information on the article topic.

2.11. Lead paragraph

2.11.1. Unique styling of first paragraph. Typically used for the leading feature story of each magazine.

2.12. Article section header

2.12.1. May be several styles of this--one for the section headers within the Feature Article and one for the headers between each article in Briefly Noted and Return on Investment

2.13. Feature Insert

2.13.1. Conversation, Q&A or other content related to a feature article that is pulled out in a unique treatment.

2.14. Section description

2.14.1. Brief text describing the section.

2.14.2. Appears only in a few sections ("On the Record","Return on Investment",

2.15. Lessons Learned Insert

2.15.1. Bulleted list of lessons learned from the evaluation. Pulled out in a unique treatment in the "Lessons Learned" article only.

2.16. Return on Investment Article Insert

2.16.1. Featured article in the Return on Investment section. Includes article header, body text, and image.

2.16.2. 2-3 per features in this section.

2.17. Location superheader

2.17.1. Text location from where the "Dispatch" article is written. Also includes an image of a map showing the location.

3. Major Interface Elements/Functionality (New for Site--don't have a parallel in the magazine)

3.1. Required

3.1.1. Search

3.1.2. Navigation

3.1.3. Archive Issue Thumbnail Cover image, issue title, and publication date for issue. Would appear on archive index page and in search.

3.1.4. Search Results Listing

3.2. Unsure

3.2.1. Photo Gallery (?)

3.2.2. Related Content on PCT or Trust site (?)

3.2.3. Social Sharing Tools(?)

3.2.4. Print Tools(?)

3.2.5. Detailed Author Bios(?)

3.2.6. Topic Tags (?)

3.2.7. Video(?)

3.2.8. Email capture/newsletter signup?