Solomon Chapter 11: Integrated Marketing Communications

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Solomon Chapter 11: Integrated Marketing Communications by Mind Map: Solomon Chapter 11: Integrated Marketing Communications

1. Purposes

1.1. Inform

1.2. Remind

1.3. Persuade

1.4. Build Relationships

2. Communications Model p.396

3. Promotion Mix

3.1. Advertising

3.2. Sales Promotion

3.3. Personal Selling

3.4. Direct Marketing

3.5. Public Relations

4. Appeals

4.1. Personal Appeals

4.1.1. Personal Selling

4.2. Mass Appeals

4.2.1. Advertising

4.2.2. Sales Promotion

4.2.3. Direct Marketing Not part of Mass Appeals (for whatever Reason)

4.2.4. Public Relations

4.3. Buzz Appeals

4.3.1. Word-of-Mouth marketing Ethical and Unethical Strategies p.404

4.3.2. Buzzzz Marketing Buzz Word Buzz Message

4.3.3. Viral Marketing

4.3.4. Guerilla Marketing

5. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

5.1. Characteristics

5.1.1. IMC creates a Single Unified Voice

5.1.2. IMC begins with the Customer

5.1.3. IMC seeks to develop Relationships with Customers

5.1.4. IMC involves Two-Way communication

5.1.5. IMC Focuses on Stakeholders, not just Customers

5.1.6. IMC generates a continuous stream of communication

5.1.7. IMC measures results based on actual feedback

5.2. Database Marketing

5.2.1. Interactive

5.2.2. Builds Relationships

5.2.3. Stimulates cross-selling Cross-selling

5.2.4. Measurable

5.2.5. Responses are Trackable

5.3. Developing the IMC Plan

5.3.1. 1: Identify the Target Audiences

5.3.2. 2: Establish the Communications Objective Hierarchy of Effects p. 413 Awareness Knowledge Desire Purchase Loyalty

5.3.3. 3: Determine and Allocate the Marketing Communications Budget Determine the total Budget Top-Down Bottom-Up Push and Pull Factors affecting the IMC Budget Organizational Factors Market Potential Market Size

5.3.4. 4: Design the Promotion Mix AIDA Model Get Attention Hold Interest Create Desire Produce Action

5.3.5. 5: Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Communications Programme