Environmental science

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Environmental science by Mind Map: Environmental science

1. Biomes

1.1. rainforest

1.2. temerate deciiduous forest

1.3. coniferous forest

1.4. desert

1.5. tundra

1.6. freshwater

1.7. marine

1.8. grassland/svannah

1.9. an area where organsism live with different ecosystems (climate, location)

1.10. mice and chipmunks living in a field with trees and grass

1.11. 5

2. food chain

2.1. food chain

2.2. New node

3. food web

3.1. producer

3.1.1. trees

3.2. secondary consumer

3.2.1. turtle, crawfish

3.3. tertiary consumer

3.3.1. fox

3.4. decomposer

3.4.1. bacteria

3.5. trophic levels

3.5.1. seperate the levels of 1.producers2.primary consumers3. secondary consumers4.tertiary consumers

3.6. primary consumer

3.7. food web

3.8. arrows show the energy flow

4. biotic and abiotic factors

4.1. Biotic- a living or once living organism

4.1.1. paper pig tree

4.2. Abiotic- a non-living organism

4.2.1. clock cloud

5. organism

5.1. a living being

5.2. mouse

5.3. 1

6. ecosystem

6.1. an area in which different organisms live

6.2. mouse and chipmunks living in a filed

6.3. 4

7. population

7.1. a goup of the same organism living together

7.2. a bunch of mice

7.3. 2

8. community

8.1. different organisms co-existing

8.2. mice and chipmunks

8.3. 3

9. Biodiversity

9.1. The variety of organisms in a geographic area

9.2. Genetic Bodiversity

9.3. species biodiversity

9.4. Problem: humans are killing organisms faster then they can reproduce

9.5. Ecosystem biodiversity

9.6. Hot spot

9.7. endangered species

9.7.1. in danger of extinction thoughout most of the area or all of the area it inhabits

9.8. threatened species

9.8.1. is likely to become endangered int the near future

9.9. Indicator species

9.9.1. New node

10. ecological succesion

11. J-curve

11.1. it shows the growth of population

11.2. Population Growth rate

11.2.1. the speed at which the population growth over a certain amount of time

12. S-curve

12.1. it show the growth of popuation

12.2. Population growth

12.2.1. the change in population over time

13. Ecological succession

13.1. Primary succession

13.1.1. when a piece of land grows vegetation but has never had any life on it before ex: a volcano erupts and creates a new island

13.2. ex of ecological succession

13.3. Secondary succession

13.3.1. when a piece of land grow vegetation after it was once destoid ex: a fire wipes out all living things but eventualy grows back

14. Pioneer species

14.1. they are the first species to start on a new land or area to live

15. climax community

15.1. when the vegetation eventualy reaches a steady rate

15.2. limiting factors

15.2.1. something that controls the growth of organisms Ex- space,disease,ect.

15.3. Carrying capacity

15.3.1. when a place has so many people/organisms that the space and resources cant support them

16. runoff

16.1. A water flow that goes down the storm drain colecting excess soil, debris, and all kinds of litter ect.

17. water polution

17.1. causes-sewer discharge, poorly managed livestock, detergents, petroleum products ect.

18. aquifier

18.1. a water purifier

19. desalination

19.1. the remove of excess salt or other unwanted substances from water

20. water purification

20.1. the process of removing unwanted substances from raw water

21. watershed

21.1. it seperates the drainage system stuff

22. Impermeable

22.1. a serfice that water cant go through. such as cement, in a parking lot ect.

23. erosion

23.1. a gravity driven process that moves sediments (ect.)

24. wetlands

24.1. examples: bog, marsh, or swamp

24.1.1. New node