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Patrick Enviornimental Mind Map by Mind Map: Patrick Enviornimental Mind Map
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Patrick Enviornimental Mind Map


Coniferious Forest


Marine Biome

Freshwater Biome



Temperate Deciduious Forest



Food Web

Food Chain

Levels Of Organzation

The numbers next to the types of organization are numbered in order from smallest to largest.. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.....






Levels Of Food Web


The producer of the food web can be described as the main portion of the food web.. In my opinion without the producer the ecosystem and life as we know it would not exist. The producers undergo a process that allows them to make their own food. They rely on no other organism and mostly develop food from the sun, known as Photosynethesis. The producer is usaully eaten by the primary consumer, the secondary consumer and the teritary consumer and sometimes decomposers. They get 100 percent energy and use one tenth of it. Some examples of regular producers found near the state of Pennsylvania or any other Temperate Decidious Forest include the following: Grass, Trees, Leaves, Bushes, and Berries.

Primary Consumer

The primary consumers are very important in the food chain. They are the consumers of the ecosystem that are usaully known as the first degree, or also known for being Herbivores (eating strictly plants). The primary consumers are eaten by Secondary consumers, Teritary Consumers and Decomposers. They eat strictly producers. Primary consumers gain about 10% of the energy the Producers had. Some examples of primary consumers found in our area (PA) include; spiders, ants, butterflies and other small insects and such, plus other small creatures.

Secondary Consumer

Secondary Consumers are consumers that eat more Primary Consumers, and some producers. They are consumers that are common, but not as common as primary consumers and producers. Gaining only 1% of the energy from the primary consumers.. one hundredth of the energy the producers had. They are eaten by only tertiary consumers and Decomposers. They eat Primary consumers and producers. Some examples of Primary consumers could include Squirrels, most birds and other creatures.

Tertiary Consumer

Teritary consumers are the top of the food web, they eat everything, besides decomposers, and are not eaten by anything, besides decomposers. They include creatures like hawks and bears and larger creatures like that.


Decomposers are the "odd balls" of the food web. They do not get eaten, and they eaten everything but only when it dies. They do not fit in cause everything would fit in. A Big example of a decomposer is Bacteria.


Biotic Factors

Biotic Factors- organisms in an ecosystem that are or once were living Examples: Frog Dog Bear Grass Hair Corn Plants Bass Goldfish Wolves  

Abiotic Factors

Abiotic Factors - factors in an ecosystem that are and never were living. Examples: Water Plastic Metal Asphualt Rock Rubber Sand Soil  

Trophic Level

Trophic Level - A diagramatic pyramid that shows the flow of energy and amount of energy between producer, consumer, and decomposer. Inbetween each level there is a 90 percent loss of energy, so when the producer starts at 100 percent and loses 90 percent, then the primary consumer gains ten percent of that. Then of that ten percent 90 percent is lost and the secondary consumer gains 1 percent of the energy from the producer. The pyramid continues until the tertiary consumer gains only .1percent of what the producer had.



Factors that limit growth so that population is not over grown to reach carrying capacity...



Protected species to ensure that they do not go extinct.


Close to endangered..


Shows whether the land is healthy....







Growth Rate

The rate in which a country grows...

Population Growth

The growth of a country....

Exponential Growth

When a rate grows extremely rapidly..

J Curve

A Curve that looks like a J..

S Curve

A Curve that looks like a J and then Levels off... looking like a S...


Climax Community

Carrying Capacity

Hot Spots

A series of places along the equator where biodiversity is very high because of the amazing temperatures.



Water Pollution

Water pollution is a very serious problem that is happening all over the world, and everyone is too blame... Even You.

Water Purification


the process in which salt is removed from ocean water so that it is safe to drink.


a community of water users that are all responsible for their water.


a surface that does not allow liquids to flow back in the earth  



Water that flows off, could be rain water run off, or run off from others. the more amount of impermeable substances the more amount of run off.

Point Source Pollution

EXAMPLES: McDonalds Pig Farm

Non Point source Pollution

EXAMPLES: Communities Housing Developments

Organic Pollutants

Pollutants that are natural, andshould be in the water way, however there might be too much. (Sediment)

Inorganic Pollutants

pollutants that do not belong. (chemicals)  


an area underground that carries water  



can be replaced within a human life time (70 years)

Non Renewable

cannot be replaced, or is not replaced in a human life