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Nick's- Eviormental science vocab. by Mind Map: Nick
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Nick's- Eviormental science vocab.

Food web

Food chain

Tropic Levels, Producer, Grass, Primary Comsumer, Grasshopper, Secondary Comsumer, Frog, Tertiary Consumer, Snake, Decomposers, Worm





Temperate Deciduous Forest





Threatened species

A species  likely to become endangered in the near future.

Endangerded Species

A species in danger of extinction thoughout most or all of the area it habitats.  

Bald eagle

Polar bear


Biome- many ecosystems living together living off one another in different climate zones across the world.


Ecosystem- a system made up of animals, plants, and bacteria living together in an enviorment

Community, Population, Organism

Indicator species

Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor- is an object that was never alive or apart of something that was alive.


Biotic Factor

Biotic Factor- an object that is alive, was alive, or was a part of something alive.

Branch, that has fallen off

Any thing dead

A living person


Hot spots

Genetic Biodiversity

Species Biodiversity

Ecosystem Biodiversity

Carring compacity

Carring compacity- is the total number of species before ther are to many and use up all the resources.

Limiting factors

Limiting factors- limiting factpors can be anything. They are anyhing that can slow down the growth of a population. 

Space, temp., recources

Climax commpacity

Climax commpacity- the very tip of the carriny compacity before it over flows with to many of that certain species.

Population growth rate

Population growth


J-curve- is when a line on a graph in low to the bottom then greatly rises and the image looks like a J


S-curve- is when a line on the graph stars out low and greatly rises but then level outs. very similar to the J-curve.

Exponential Growth

Exponential growth- is what happends in  graph to make a J-curve in a graph.

Ecological succession

Ecological succession- is the growth of an ecosystem.

Primary succession

Primary Succession- where there was nothing before.

Pioneer species

Secondary succession

Secondary succession- is when an ecosystem grows again after a natural disaster hits.

Water pollution

Pollution that occurs in the water.

Non-piont Source

where not just one sewer drain is leading to a body of water.

Piont Source

Organic Pollution

pollution that can be broke down with -in a human life spand.

Non-organic Pollution, Metal

Oange Peel


waste that is taken into a swer and then "finds" its way into a watershed.

Impermeable, Erosion


Citys houses and other places where building are made.


Places that store water for a county.



Water Purification

A scientific stand piont that helps purify or clean the water.


where the water is cleaned for salt and is then drinkable. this is a harder proces.

Natural Resources

Material people use around the earth.

Renewable Resouces

any material that can be recycled or replaceced durring a human lifespan.

Non-renewable Resources

any material that can NOT be replaced in a human life spand.