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Liz's environmental science vocab by Mind Map: Liz's environmental science vocab
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Liz's environmental science vocab


see biome, population, ecosystem, community  



a plant, it is the only thing on a food web that can convery solar energy into energy for itself

primary consumer

it eats the producers, only gets 10%of the energy

secondary consumer

etas the primary consumers, only gets 10% of their energy

tershiary consumer

eats the secondary consumers, only gets 10% of the secondary consumers 10% or the primary condumers 10%, so they have to eat a lot to get the energy that they need.


somthing that breaks things down, like worms and bacteria

biotic factors

things that are living or were living at one time, or a peice of a living thing or a peice of somthin that was living at one time


all of the organisms live together in communitys see population, biome, organism, ecosystem,

abiotic factors


see population, ecosystem, community, organism





contains small amounts of life due to the extreem climate and envirnment


very good for supporting life


lots of deer, in some place lions and girafes, good for life

temperate diceduous forest

pennsylvania is mostly this

coniferous forest

ways to show info about ecosystems

food chain

see notes from organism section

food web

includes everything in the foodchain section

trophic levels

the levels in a pyramid


see biome, organism, community, population,


genetic biodiversity

differences within the species

species biodiversity

different species in the same ecosystem

ecosystem biodiversity

hot spot

found in the tropics on the equator, these are small areas with high biodiversity, they only cover 2%of earths land

endangered species

these will probably become extinct soon

threatened species

these are not as bad endangered, but will become endangered soon


see ecosystem, community, biome, organism

indicator species

finicky plants that tell weather or not an ecosystem is healthy

pioneer species

the first species to come to a new enviornment, such a an island formed by volcanic rock. usually small and fast growing.

ecological sucession

primary sucession

when an ecosystem grows in a place there has never been an ecosystem.

secondary sucession

when an ecosystem grows in a place where there was an cosystem before.

climax community


j curve

second graph on the page

s curve

sixth graph on the page


water pollution

water purification


Erosion is a gravity driven process that moves solids (sediment, soil, rock and other particles) in the natural environment or their source and deposits them elsewhere. It usually occurs due to...




Urbanization (also spelled "urbanisation") is the physical growth of urban areas as a result of global change. Urbanization is also defined by the United Nations as movement of people from rural...

point source

non point source

there are many types of non point source pollution, and unfortunately they are also the most difficult so get rid of.


organic pollutant

inorganic pollutant

natural resources

renewable resources

non renewable resources


surface that doe not allow water to pass through it.