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Scrum by Mind Map: Scrum
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Scrum Team

Scrum Master

Not Product Owner


Does not manage team

Ensures adherence

Ensures adoption, Team, Organisation

Enforce discipline in Daily Scrum

Product Owner

One Person

Maintains Product Backlog, Manage Priorities, Create visibility

Ensures value is delivered

Authority to cancel sprint


Self Organising

No subteams allowed

Collectively responsible for estimates

Converts backlog to shippable

Authority to change sprint backlog with Product Owner

7 +/- 2 people

No titles

Determines sprint backlog

All should code

Members don't change during sprint


Sprint Burndown


Remaining sprint backlog estimate over time

Tick = 1 day

Release Burndown


Remaining product backlog estimate over time

Tick = 1 sprint

Product Backlog

Items, User Story, Description, Priority, Estimate

Product Requirements

Never Complete


10% of Sprint spent grooming

Sprint Backlog

Tasks remaining in Sprint

Created in Sprint Planning Meeting

Time Box

Release Planning Meeting

Establish, Plan, Goal

Determine How

Produces Release Plan

JIT Planning

Identify, Goals, Risks, Features, Priority



Change scope with Product Owner

No time between sprints

Approximately 1 month

Team composition and goal remain fixed

Sprint Planning Meeting

Inputs, Past performance, Capacity, Latest increment of product, Product backlog

Parts, 4 Hours: What, Sprint Goal, Why, Subset of product goal, 4 Hours: How, Design, Tasks, < 1 day, Sprint Backlog, Assign in meeting, Assign JIT (Daily Scrum)

Iteration is planned

Product owner present

Sprint Review

End of sprint

Review state of product backlog

4 hours

Pigs and Chickens

What's next


What's done / what's not done

Demo and Q & A

Daily Scrum

Not a status meeting

15 minutes

Same time and place

Explain, What is done, What is not done, Obstacles

Inspection of progress toward goal


3 hours

Post sprint review

Pre sprint planning

Revise development process, Tools, Process, Relationships, People

Actionable improvement measures

Team composition


Potentially shippable

Workable slice

Team decides definition