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NuPIC by Mind Map: NuPIC

1. API

1.1. Network/Regions API

1.1.1. OPF Client Code Tools Encoders Classifier Swarming Description file Objects Models Metrics Output

2. CLA

2.1. Next HTM level

2.2. Current HTM level

2.2.1. Spatial Pooler Purpose Makes input patterns Recalculates synapses' permanence Ingibition of less active columns Recalculate columns' busts Pass a list of columns-winners to the Temporal Pooler Process Initializing Input - array of bits Phase 1: Overlap. Compute the overlap with the current input for each column Phase 2: Inhibition. Compute the winning columns after inhibition Phase 3: Learning. Update synapse permanence and internal variables

2.2.2. Temporal Pooler Purpose Assigns cells to be in the predictive state (and activate them). Synapses' permanences updating Pass a Process Phase 1: compute the active state, activeState(t), for each cell Phase 2: compute the predicted state, predictiveState(t), for each cell Phase 3: update synapses Output

3. Architecture

3.1. Nenwork Engine

3.1.1. Structure Region Inputs Outputs Region Inputs Outputs Region Inputs Outputs Region Inputs Outputs

3.1.2. Object Model Is library (C++) Components Network Region Link Methods by types Public Private

3.1.3. Core API External API Network classes Region classes Internal API

3.1.4. Network Classes Is container of regions

3.1.5. Networks bundle