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Asia by Mind Map: Asia

1. Kristina McIntosh

2. First fly to Vietnam

2.1. Flights into Vietnam 700-900$

2.1.1. Train to Lau Cai short bus ride to Sapa this where to stay with villagers and the rice fields are, cultural experience train ride 11$

2.2. What to see= Siem Reap/Ha Noi Hiking/ Sapa



2.3. Stay for 4-6 days. 4-13$ a day


2.4. Bus ride to Laos 26$ 20 hours great scenery or a 1 hour flight for 150$

2.5. outline of the country

3. Bangkok

3.1. Bangkok for a few days

3.2. Where to stay 5-15$ a night

3.3. Biggest Temples


3.4. Take a few days off fly to Chaing Mai for a day with the elephants 120 r/t

4. Timeline

4.1. Schedule

4.2. Budget

4.3. Resources

4.4. Delays

5. Laos

5.1. Places to see

5.1.1. Luang Prabang, Caves

5.1.2. Buddha Park

5.2. Places to stay 5-25$ a night


5.3. Yoga

5.4. This would be cool to make

6. Thailand

6.1. From Bangkok to Chaing Mai 62$ flight one way

6.1.1. Greatest thing about this trip!! Dante Elephant Camp

6.2. Ko Samui for FULL MOON PARTY

6.2.1. Only about 12-15 $ a night

7. Cambodia

7.1. this seems like a good idea to follow Ive been studying Angkor and that's great for temple exploration

7.2. Where to stay 4$-45$

7.3. ! hour foot massage 10$!!!

8. We would travel from Sapa to Chiang Mai to the elepahnts. We would then get out of the country life and see the city life in Bangkok!!!! PING PONG SHOWSSS. We will want to drop our shit off and go get a good hot shower and massage! nails done hair done everything did. For anhour and 10 min foot massage 40$ and an hour and 10 min facial 45$.

8.1. Another cheaper spa