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Photosynthesis by Mind Map: Photosynthesis

1. Chloroplasts

1.1. Where photosynthesis occurs.

1.2. Organelle that contains chlorophyll

1.2.1. Pigment that collects sunlight that travels in blue-violet and red spectrum

1.2.2. Comes in an "a" and "b" form

1.2.3. Contain structures called thylakoids Stacks of thylakoids are referred to as granum

1.3. Fluid parts of the chloroplasts are called stroma.

2. Light Waves

2.1. The light waves are what reflect to the eye, what the eye gets to see. If a plant is green, it is reflecting green light from the spectrum.

3. Photosystem II

3.1. The first process in photosynthesis in the light dependent cycle.

3.2. Essentially is used to get the electrons energized for the rest of photosynthesis.

4. Photosystem I

4.1. The second step in photosynthesis part of the light DEPENDENT cycle.

4.2. It takes the electrons from Photosystem II, gets them re-energized by photons from light, thus giving light to the plant.

5. ATP Synthase

5.1. Allows H+ ions to pass through the thylakoid to the stroma, thus allowing the ADP to change to ATP.

6. Calvin Cycle

6.1. Creates CO2 to release from the plant

6.1.1. Without CO2, ATP, and NADH, the cycle wouldn't work.

6.2. Also creates glucose and other sugars to create energy for the plant. Also to make food, because that's what plants do.

6.3. 3 Steps to it

6.3.1. Carbon Fixation CO2 binds to ribulos bisphosphates to create a 6 carbon product, then gets broken down into a 3 carbon product.

6.3.2. Reduction Forms the sugar product

6.3.3. RuBP regeneration RuBP is regenerated to get the CO2 to initiate the phase one fixation step.

7. Chlorophyll

7.1. Pigments that collect sunlight that travels in blue-violet and red spectrum.

7.2. Comes in an "a" and "b" form

7.3. Contain structures called thylakoids.

7.3.1. Stacks of thylakoids are called granum.

8. Electron Transport Chain

8.1. Proteins are used to convert ADP to ATP.

8.2. Pulls H+ ions from stroma into thylakoids.

8.3. Then sent through ATP synthase to convert ADP to ATP