Le Northen Renaissance

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Le Northen Renaissance by Mind Map: Le Northen Renaissance

1. Northen Renaissance Begins

1.1. First took root in flanders, where merchants quickly became rich from the cloth industry.

1.2. The renaiassance spread faster throughout north europe because monarchs ruled the countries and paid artists to work for them.

2. Artistic Ideas Spread

2.1. Ideas spread through many italian artists fleeing to northen europe to escape the war in northen Italy.

2.2. Durers style of combining realistic art with religious figures and classical myth figures spread through Europe when he returned to Germany from italy.

2.3. Supporrt of wealthy merchant families in Flanders made Flanders the Florence of Europe.The first great painter from this region was Jan van Eyck. Used recently developed oil paints, also he used a unique style in jewelery and clothing.

3. Northen Writers Try to Reform Society

3.1. Christian writers tried to convince people the only way to achieve a utopia or perfect city was to have a religious based society.

3.2. This was bull.

3.3. Women petitioned and gained many rights during this time as well.

4. Elizbeathen Age

4.1. The time of William Shakespeare, the most famous writer of the era and possibly of all time.

4.2. Apparently our book thinks everything that happened in the Elizabeathen Age was about shakespeare.

5. Legacy of the Renaissance

5.1. Art styles of classical greece and rome were revived.

5.2. Printing made more information availible making for a smarter public.

5.3. People used the priniting press to try to effect the public by printing there views and distributing material far and wide.

6. Invention of the Printing Press

6.1. Gutenburg invented the best way of printing to date. It made books, phamplets and materials easy to obtain which led to a revolution in education throught at least the middle class public.