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How can we increase our Profitability? by Mind Map: How can we
increase our
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How can we increase our Profitability?

Increase revenues

Increase revenues from news Clients

Increase the number of new Clients, "Steal" clients from competitors, Offer a better price, Offer a better product, Offer a better place, Offer a better promotion, Convince people that are not yet buying this kind of product/service to do so, Talking directly to them, Talking indirectly to them, Converting current customers in product/service promoters, Converting the media in promoters, Converting trusted public figures in promoters

Increase our unitary revenue for each new Client, Increase our price, Boundle our product/service with another

Increase revenues from retourning Clients

Sell them an updated version of our product/service

Sell them a complementary product/service

Decrease cost

Decrease fixed cost

Decrease variable cost

Decrease raw material cost, Decrease the cuantity of raw materials, Improve the design of the product, Improve the production process to reduce scraps, Decrease the unitary price of raw materials, Use the same raw material, Get a better sourcing agreement whith current provider(s), get a better sourcing agreement a new provider(s), Use a substitute

Decrease effort cost, Decrease the cuantity of effort needed, Decrease the unitary price of effort (i.e. people) needed

Decrease the energy cost

(by Adrián Chiogna)