Theory of a Deadman

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Theory of a Deadman by Mind Map: Theory of a Deadman

1. Top Ten Theory of a Deadman songs

1.1. Not Meant To Be

1.2. Bad Girlfriend

1.3. Low Life

1.4. Hate My Life

1.5. All or Nothing

1.6. Out of my Head

1.7. Santa Monica

1.8. By the Way

1.9. The Truth Is (I lied about everything)

1.10. Little Smirk

2. The Crew

2.1. Tyler Connolly

2.2. Dave Brenner

2.3. Dean Back

2.4. Joey Dandeneau

3. Albums

3.1. Theory of a Deadman

3.2. Gasoline

3.3. Scars and Souvenirs

3.4. The Truth is

3.5. Make up Your Mind

3.6. No Surprise

3.7. Santa Monica