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One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Mind Map: One Fish Two Fish Red Fish
Blue Fish
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One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

The purpose of this map is to get our students to understand key ideas, setting, and major events using key details of the story.


Mr. Gump



Red, Black, Blue

Rhyming Words


Blue, Do, New


Glad, Bad


Near, Hear, Fear, Dear


The story doesn't have a beginning, middle, end plot. Dr. Seuss Uses his rhyming wordplay for new readers to figure out the characteristics of these fish.

1 Fish 2 FIsh Red Fish Blue Fish Describes a number of fish, characteristics they take on and a number of belongings they ,ay have. Dr Seuss took on a different approach rather than a normal beginning, middle, and end.

Science Connection

We will now take the time out to connect living and nonliving things to the story.

Things The Fish Have

Little Star

Little Car, Little Bed, Bike, Gold Teeth

Funny Time

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