If I was You....

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If I was You.... by Mind Map: If I was You....

1. Rich

1.1. Easy access to needs to survive

1.2. Possible access to the other needs that are not guarenteed to kill you.

1.3. Being Happy and Healthy

1.4. Having shelter

1.5. Though some people might think rich is

1.6. A cool car

1.7. A computer

1.8. 50 inch plasma tv

2. Wants

2.1. Rich

2.2. Iphone

2.3. Ipad

2.4. cool house

2.5. big tv

2.6. Nice car BMW/Porsche/Mercedes

2.7. running water

2.8. shelter

2.9. a bed

3. Needs

3.1. If you don't have it not guarenteed kill but can change your life

3.1.1. education

3.1.2. Shelter

3.1.3. Safety of health of shelter of resources friends,family

3.1.4. Esteem respect of others respect by others confidence acheivment

3.1.5. Self actualization mortality creativity problem solving

3.1.6. to be happy

3.2. if you don't have it, you will die

3.2.1. air

3.2.2. Water

3.2.3. Food

3.2.4. Sleep

3.2.5. Excretion e.g poo,pee

4. Poor

4.1. No steady shelter

4.2. No easy access to things needed to survive

4.3. being unhappy and without friends.

5. Service

5.1. Global concers

5.1.1. vietnam hope

5.1.2. mumbai mobile creche Causation How does it relate to maslows hierarchy? they give them: What they do? They take in children and give them a home/shelter Feed them well Educate them give them safety from.. Give them clean water Who they help? Connection It is active in india

5.1.3. tabitha Causation What they do Connection Who they help How does it relate to maslow's hierarchy It gives them shelter and safety that is on the hierachy It gives them water which is on the hierachy of needs it builds schools that give the children education which helps them acheive their full potential and make them creative which is on the hierachy It is active in Cambodia

5.1.4. blue dragon

5.1.5. bali bridges

5.1.6. acres causation What they do connection What they help animals treated badly animals getting hunted how is it related to Maslow's hierarchy it gives animals safety and shelter it gives animals freedom

5.2. college service

5.2.1. Art service

5.2.2. campus gardening

5.2.3. Library Monitor

5.2.4. HIPS

5.3. local service

5.3.1. Buddies at Sunset

5.3.2. Hort Park

5.3.3. st josephs

5.3.4. genesis

5.3.5. SPCA

5.3.6. home computers