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Live Mapping of TEDxAmsterdam by Mind Map: Live Mapping of TEDxAmsterdam
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Live Mapping of TEDxAmsterdam


you can click at the end of a branch to see the next level

hold your mouse button to move the whole map

when the information increases use zoom in and out

use the button next to the zoom to enlarge the screen

previous speakers of today

Job Cohen

Frans Timmermans

Jacob Gelt Dekker

Christien Meindertsma

Nico Baken

Mabel van Oranje

Alain de Botton

Jan Donner

Louise Vet

Gernout Erens

Abraham Soetendorp

Gerhard Knies

Gary Carter

Jaap Elzas

Kevin Kelly

Claire Boonstra

Alexander Bucksch / Daniel Berio

Hans Aarsman

Marcel Dicke

We're not mapping live currently

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